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Catering to the Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Law Enforcement.

A-1 Clean the Scene has multiple locations

A-1 Clean the Scene provides many different crime and trauma scene clean up services to assist you in your time of need.

These include:

Trauma Scenes

Pet Odors



Crime Scenes


Industrial Accidents


Trash Housing

Animal Droppings

Human Feces

Jail Cell

Tear Gas

Pepper Spray

Police Cruisers

Suicide / Homicide / Accidental / Natural Death

Any and all deaths can be quite traumatic. A1 Clean the Scene understands that crime and trauma scene clean up is the least of your worries. Traumatic experiences can be quite devastating to anyone be it a family member, a friend, employer or landlord. No one should be subjected to deal with the remnants (remains) left behind after a crime scene or trauma scene.

A1 Clean The Scene will respond 24 hours a day to help trauma victims to restore their lives by offering homicide clean up, murder clean up and many other types of crime scene clean up services.

The staff of A1 Clean the Scene will help by decontaminating, removing and lawfully disposing of the potential infectious (disease) waste at these crime and trauma scenes.

Our staff is properly trained to remove the potential infectious materials according to all state and federal guidelines. We can either help and/or handle the entire process of filing your insurance claim from start to finish. We also work closely with private and public insurance adjusters for homeowners, auto, and commercial insurance policies.

Decomposition / Odor Removal

Unfortunately no knows when the unexpected might happen. A1 Clean the Scene can be a great assistance to families and /or businesses with their needs in death clean up and decomposition clean up.

Decomposition takes place when the deceased goes unnoticed for a period of time. The situation that this creates can result in server odors, insect activity and potentially infectious medical waste.

The A1 Clean the Scene staff is trained in many different types of clean up, among these are homicide clean up, crime scene clean up and trauma scene clean up. We are also trained in decomposition clean up. This training allows us to remedy these types of situations for you the right way.

Process of Decomposition / Odor Removal

A1 Clean the Scene will enter the premises and remove odors caused by bodily fluids, decay, odorous gasses and various malodorous problems using EPA registered bio degradable chemicals and ozone generators.

In most cases, if needed, we will remove structural materials such as walls, flooring, concrete, furniture, draperies, clothing etc. Usually these things will be considered contaminated. Upon completion of decomposition clean up, the family will be able to enter the premises safely.

Roadway / Walkway Clean Up

Diseases such as hepatitis can live outside the human body for seven days when it is a dry blood. For wet blood, the virus can live for weeks, causing a public health hazard. A1 Clean the Scene is equipped with high powered pressure washes, steam cleaning equipment, etc to clean, disinfect, decontaminate and remove blood-borne pathogens.

List of Services

High Pressure/ Steam Cleaning for Blood Stained Roadways and Walkways
Murder Clean up
Homicide Clean up
Emergency Vehicle / 1st Responder Clean up and Decontamination
Bird / Rodent Droppings (hantvirus) Clean up and Decontamination
Automobile Clean up (suicide / homicide/ urine/ feces / vomit)
Crime Scene Clean up
Tranist Authority Grounds Clean up and Decontamination
Sharps / Hypodermic Needle Recovery and Dispossal
Animal Hording Clean up
Distressed Property Clean up
Hording Clean up
Trauma Clean up
Death Clean up
Fingerprint Dust Removal
Accident Clean up
Tear Gas Clean up
Suicide Clean up
Blood Clean up
Chemical Spill Clean up
Odor / Decomposition Clean up
Jail Cell Clean up and Decontamination

Rapid Response

Rapid Response If you are in need of our emergency cleaning service, you can contact us 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
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I called A-1 Clean the Scene for assistance.You answered the phone immediately, which surprised me as it was late Saturday night. The crew that showed up at our house were wonderful. The were very professional, calm and caring. A-1 gave us quite a lot of information that we did not know.

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We are here for you!

A1 Clean the Scene provides many different services to assist you in your time of need.
Blood Clean up
Crime Scene Clean up
Death Clean up
Trauma Scene Clean up
Decomposition Clean up
Suicide Clean up
and much more.

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